An essential oil is a concentrated liquid generally removed from plants by distillation and containing intense aromatic properties. Essential oils are the primary tools in an aromatherapist’s arsenal. The medicinal effects of essential oils are widely debated, but I’ve chosen to write about their use in folk medicine to induce dreaming.

Many plants have supposed relaxing properties on the body and mind, making them popular in teas (some of the most commonly seen being lavender and chamomile). Some can be ingested safely raw, while others require other methods of use, like aromatic baths, skin oils, incense, and diffusion.

These essential oils are commonly used to induce sleep:





Lemon Balm





Ylang Ylang

These essential oils are recommended for inducing lucid dreams and improving dream recall:






Clary Sage




These essential oils are used to ward against nightmares:




Blue Tansy




St. John’s Wort

Lemon Balm


If you are considering adding essential oils to your dreaming tool kit, look around for local health food stores (Whole Foods carries a nice selection) or metaphysical shops. They typically come in small bottles, but rightly so–essential oils are highly concentrated, and can be extremely dangerous in large doses. When taking an essential oil, always make sure you are not allergic to the oil by dabbing a drop of oil onto your inner arm and observing for a reaction for two to three days.

To make skin oils, combine 2-3 drops of an essential oil (or several different oils) to a stock bottle of carrier oil (ie. Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed). To make an aromatic bath, use around ten drops of an essential oil and mix into bathwater. Many diffusers are on the market these days for essential oils. Some require a traditional candle flame, others use electricity. It is easy to simmer oils in a pot to fill a room with the fragrance, but never use a pot used in cooking! Remember, it is almost always unsafe to ingest essential oils. Always consult an aromatherapist before using essential oils in teas. It is typically safer to steep dried herbs in water to create dreaming tea mixes. You can find dried herbs at your local health food store (again, my recommendation is Whole Foods).

Many of these oils have sedative effects, so use them around bedtime when you are ready to go to sleep.

Try using these remedies, comment, and tell me your results!

“Lucidity” is a word with great meaning. It’s used to express the state one is in when they consciously realize that they are dreaming. It may come as a sudden realization, when the mind finds something it reasons cannot be real. It may come as a result of an intended trigger mid-dream.

Consider this: You spend about 8 to 9 hours a day asleep, incapacitated. Some people bypass this inconvenience by running on polyphasic sleep schedules where they take many short naps a day to maximize time spent awake. But there are catches to this system. Obviously many people’s lifestyles don’t match up with the peculiar schedule, and the body misses out on important rest and healing time.

But there is an alternative: Lucid dreaming.

In the lucid state, a dreamer can do anything they can normally do in the physical world or the dream world. You can compose music, practice your conversational Spanish, or commit impossible acts of athleticism. Lucid dreaming is one commonly recommended method to escape chronic nightmares, as it allows skilled practitioners complete control over the dreamscape. Best of all, this is all done during sleep and is actually shown to improve sleep quality.

Once you become a lucid dreamer, you will have almost three thousand more ‘waking’ hours a year. You will be able to manifest impossible fantasies using all of your senses. You will open your mind to higher levels of consciousness. It will increase your awareness while you are awake, and provide a direct connection to the subconscious. Learning to become lucid can change your life in dramatic ways. Perhaps I’ll update this post as I come up with more benefits.

Everything is provided for you inside your mind and your power to dream. You only need to harness it.

But that is for another post. Thank you for reading,

Adriana D.