“Lucidity” is a word with great meaning. It’s used to express the state one is in when they consciously realize that they are dreaming. It may come as a sudden realization, when the mind finds something it reasons cannot be real. It may come as a result of an intended trigger mid-dream.

Consider this: You spend about 8 to 9 hours a day asleep, incapacitated. Some people bypass this inconvenience by running on polyphasic sleep schedules where they take many short naps a day to maximize time spent awake. But there are catches to this system. Obviously many people’s lifestyles don’t match up with the peculiar schedule, and the body misses out on important rest and healing time.

But there is an alternative: Lucid dreaming.

In the lucid state, a dreamer can do anything they can normally do in the physical world or the dream world. You can compose music, practice your conversational Spanish, or commit impossible acts of athleticism. Lucid dreaming is one commonly recommended method to escape chronic nightmares, as it allows skilled practitioners complete control over the dreamscape. Best of all, this is all done during sleep and is actually shown to improve sleep quality.

Once you become a lucid dreamer, you will have almost three thousand more ‘waking’ hours a year. You will be able to manifest impossible fantasies using all of your senses. You will open your mind to higher levels of consciousness. It will increase your awareness while you are awake, and provide a direct connection to the subconscious. Learning to become lucid can change your life in dramatic ways. Perhaps I’ll update this post as I come up with more benefits.

Everything is provided for you inside your mind and your power to dream. You only need to harness it.

But that is for another post. Thank you for reading,

Adriana D.

Welcome to The Dreaming Mind, a blog about dreaming and the ways it affects us all.

Why did I start this blog?

The answer is, simply put, that there is a gross lack of information on the internet regarding dreaming (especially that of the lucid variety). I seek to provide information and advice to prospective as well as experienced dreamers, be it the psychology behind the mystery or the ways media has affected our perception of it. It may be a bunch of big words, but everyone sleeps, and everyone dreams. I hope to provide a place for every dreamer out there.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you again,

Adriana D.