I’m the author of The Dreaming Mind, Adriana Disano. I’m just a girl who discovered lucid dreaming around 2008 and has been learning about them enthusiastically ever since.

I make it a mission to teach everyone I know about the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. It can add so much to your life, and for some it already has. I’m sharing my knowledge and experiences here because it’s a passion of mine, and I want other people to open up to the possibilities.

Some side notes about me: I love playing video games, making art, and learning foreign languages. You might see some of my interests bleed into the blog as a result of my personal experiences. Since these are important pieces of my psyche, it’s only natural!

I’m also an aspiring blogger and website developer. This blog is like a child to me, and also like a good friend. I want it to grow and develop, but it also teaches me a lot about myself.

If you would like to contact me personally, email me at pocketparamedic@gmail.com

Happy dreaming,

Adriana D.


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