Dream Journaling In-Depth

June 2, 2010

Dream journaling is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase dream recall and aid in lucid dreaming. It comes easily to some people, and less easily to others. But it’s something that you can implement, today, to aid in your dream recollection and chances of achieving lucidity.

Some of the advantages of recording your dreams is that you can come back on a later date and interpret them, providing insight about what was happening at the time. You may notice things that you didn’t originally see in the dream, and you may find that time has actually improved your memory of a certain dream as long as you have a summary to jog your memory. It’s also important to be able to remember your dreams for extended periods of time. Recording your dreams in a journal is just one way to immortalize them, so you never lose the valuable memory.

When recording dreams, make sure to record regularly. Recording on and off isn’t going to do you nearly as much good as it would to constantly record your dreams. You might also be able to figure out patterns that are occuring between dreams that are close together. And, of course, you don’t want to miss anything. Every dream you fail to record is one that you could lose to the depths of memory forever.

Here are some things to remember when recording dreams:

  • Keep a designated journal by your bed at all times so that you can record dreams immediately upon waking. Your memory of a dream often decreases as you go about your day, so making a habit of recording them as soon as you wake up ensures that you get all possible information out of a dream.
  • Always leave exra space on a journal page for notes to be jotted down at a later date–things that didn’t occur to you at the time of the dream, or notes on how a dream symbol may have unfolded in your waking life.
  • Record any emotions or abstract sensory experiences you may have had during the dream. Even if the experience is difficult to describe in the words we use in our waking lives, the symbols may trigger an accurate memory of the dream after long periods of time.
  • Don’t forget to jot down any characters or abstract symbols you encounter in your dreams. These are generally left to future interpretation.
  • Lastly, write any first impressions down AFTER you’re finished recording your full dream. Writing interpretations of the dream before establishing the concrete details may disturb the composition of the description and may be simply inaccurate. Write these reflections as notes on your dream, not as part of the dream itself.

Keep up these tips and your dream journal should be accurate and fruitful.

You may want to write in your journal right before going to bed to set the intention of remembering dreams that night. It essentially preps your brain for dream activity. Especially for people who don’t normally remember dreams, this can increase recollection just enough to get some notes in your journal. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry. Keep your mind open to dreams and after journaling for some time, your recall will increase significantly.

Remember, not everyone remembers it, but everyone (except in the case of severe psychological disorder) does dream.

You may have noticed I’ve added on a new page to the blog. Visit the Resources Page for a printable dream worksheet. When in doubt, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

One Response to “Dream Journaling In-Depth”

  1. I’ve been trying to have lucid dreams for the longest time. I may or may not have had one in the time that I’ve been trying, I think I just dream that I was having a lucid dream…

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