What Bandsaws Taught Me

March 4, 2010

Now that I’ve added a first formal post,  I’ll try and provide information in a little less stale a way. Initially I didn’t want to make posts about personal dreams, but if there’s a lesson to be learned from one I want to teach it. Comment and tell me if you like this style post!

Last night I confirmed a hypothesis I had yet to actually test: in-dream intent can cause sleepwalking, or other sleep-movement.

I’d woken up and tried to go back to sleep, so my sleep was a little spotty. I was drifting in and out of consciousness and started having a dreadful dream. One ‘bad habit’ of my dreams is that light sources typically don’t work. I was in my bedroom with a friend, totally dark of course, and after trying several light switches gave up. A realization set in that a villain of some sort was coming down the hall (think Pyramid Head with a bandsaw) ready to make a bloody mess of the both of us and in my effort to search out another light switch I ended up moving my waking arm. Of course, that woke me up. I was foolish enough (as we often are when extremely tired) to not get out of bed and fell asleep to the same dream several more times, but after experimenting was able to consciously move my arm and jerk myself into wakefulness.

Sleepwalkers often report dreams related to the action they took in waking time, but being able to sleepwalk or sleeptalk at will would be a pretty interesting skill.

Comment and tell me your thoughts! Ever roused yourself through conscious movement? Tell me about it!

Thanks for reading,

Adriana D.


4 Responses to “What Bandsaws Taught Me”

  1. Ariel Says:

    I’ve had this experience several times, and I actually did two different types last night. XD

    I have dreams where I brush my teeth, and when I go to spit, I almost always spit in real life too, and I wake myself up. I did this last night.

    In the same night, I also had a dream where my uncle was being a dumbass and skipping through the scenes of a movie I wanted to watch. I shook my head violently and woke myself up, shaking my head in dissent to my dream uncle. I didn’t really think about it until the morning. XD

    • kiragira Says:

      Haha! I think purposefully waking yourself up is a good way to get through dreams that are just boring… even if it mostly happens accidentally. I’ve woken myself up intentionally sleeptalking, too.

  2. I’ve purposely woken myself from a rough dream situation–usually war scenarios in which I’m somehow cornered. I guess I’d consider this situation semi-lucid: The dreamer knows that he/she can escape and wake, and therefore knows that the scene is not wholly real, yet believes the situation enough to be motivated to escape rather than face/dispel/serenade the illusory characters. There’s definitely a range of lucidity, and these kinds of dreams are examples of this grey territory.

    My suggestion to anyone fleeing a creature is to turn back and open your hearts to them. I once tried to escape Medusa, who’d cornered me in a cave; then I decided to let her bite into me, which turned the dream into something far more ‘friendly.’

    • Adriana Says:

      I agree, there’s definitely a full range of lucidity. I had a lot of similar experiences of purposely waking myself up during difficult moments without actually becoming lucid as a kid. And still, I have nightmares where I’m entirely unaware and don’t have the realisation that I could wake myself up.

      Dream situations are sometimes better approached head-on. Since dream “villains” are theoretically a part of your psyche, it makes sense that accepting them would eliminate conflict.

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